Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group


AMRG awards Fellow status on select team members in recongnition of a combination of:

  • Length of service as and AMRG member
  • Service to AMRG in internal leadership roles, service in the ASRC or MRA, and in reations to affliated organzations (state SAR councils, NCRC, or other regional public safety groups).

Fellows are nominated by a member of the team. The nomination is than reviewed and endorsed by the Board of Directors. Fellowships are awarded by a vote of the full membership. AMRG thanks the dedication and long years of volunteer service of all our AMRG Fellows. 

AMRG Fellows:

Dr. Keith Conover -- Founding member of AMRG in 1985 and an active member with 30 years of continuous service, including currently serving as AMRG's Medical Director.  Dr. Conover was also instramental in the founding of the ASRC, SMRG, BRMRG, the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council, and the Appalachian Region of the MRA. Dr. Conover has received lifetime achievement awards from both ASRC and MRA. 

Bru Randall -- Founding member of AMRG in 1985 and an active member with 30 years of continuous service.  Mr. Randall has more than 40 years of continuous service the ASRC and NCRC.

Don Scelza -- More than 20 years of active service with AMRG and a recognized expert with search management and wilderness medicine. Mr. Scelza has servided as President of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council and is currently the Chair of ASRC and Prisident of the AMRG Board of Directors, and is a National Evaluator for the MRA. 

Chris Ruch -- More than 15 years of active service with AMRG in various leadship positions, includeding serving as AMRG's Commander twice (2004-2007, and 2010-present). Mr. Ruch has served as the Conference Training Officer for the ASRC and the Chair of the Appalachian Region of the MRA, and is currently a NASAR instructor/evaluator and National Evaluator for the MRA.